PlushPal: Creative Storytelling with Machine Learning

Research Overview

PlushPal is a web app that lets you turn everyday objects into interactive toys that make sounds based on custom gestures using micro:bit and machine learning (designed & developed by Dr. Tiffany Tseng). This project explores how the gesture-based design tool using machine learning may be able to support young learners understand and engage with machine learning.

Project Members

  • Yumiko Murai – Simon Fraser University (Research & Instruction)
  • Tiffany Tseng – University of Tokyo (Design, Development, & Research)
  • Deanna Gelosi – University of California, Berkeley (Research & Instruction)
  • Natalie Freed – University of Texas at Austin (Research & Instruction)
  • Andreina Yulis San Juan – Simon Fraser University (Research Assistant)

Papers & Presentations

Murai, Y., Tseng, T., Gelosi, D., Freed, N., & Yulis San Juan, A. (In press). Creative storytelling with machine learning: New pathway into AI education. In Proceedings of Connected Learning Summit 2022.

Tseng, T., Murai, Y., Freed, N., & Gelosi, D. (2021). PlushPal: Storytelling with interactive plush toys and machine learning. In Proceedings of Interactive Design and Children Conference (IDC ’21). Virtual. Best paper award.