Beyond Rubrics: Embedded Assessment in Maker Classrooms

Research Overview

Partnering up with Maker Ed as well as with the educators from Corte Madera School, CA, and Community Middle Charter School, VA, we explored the question “what does embedded assessment in maker classrooms look like?” Through a series of design workshops and trials in classrooms and afterschool programs, we designed Beyond Rubrics Toolkit.

Project Members

  • Yoon Jeon (YJ) Kim – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Executive Director, Research)
  • Yumiko Murai – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Research)
  • Stephanie Chang – Maker Ed (Partner Relations, Research)
  • Louisa Rosenheck – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Design & Development)
  • Peter Kirschmann – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Design & Development)
  • Emily Martin – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Design & Development)
  • Justin Reich – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Supervisor)

Papers and Presentations

Murai, Y., Kim, Y. J., Chang, S., & Reich, J. (2022). Principles of Assessment in School-Based Making. Learning: Research and practice.

Kim, Y., Murai, Y., & Chang, S. (2021). Implementation of embedded assessment in maker classrooms: Challenges and opportunitiesInformation and Learning Sciences.

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National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1723450 (Co-PIs: Justin Reich & Yoon Jeon Kim)