Learning Creative Learning: Massive Open Online Courses for Creative Learning Educators

Project Overview

Learning Creative Learning is an open online course and community for educators around the world to explore the idea of Creative Learning through working on projects, interacting with peers, and trying out their ideas in real-world environments. We examined a number of design decisions (such as multilingual community support) to provide a creative learning space for educators even when they were physically apart from one another, coming from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Project Members

  • Yumiko Murai – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Lily Gabaree – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Carmelo Presicce – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Carolina Rodeghiero – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yusuf Ahmad – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Moran Tsur – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Devayani Tirthali – Independent

Papers and Presentations

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Tirthali, D. & Murai, Y. (2019). Don’t just say thank you: Exploration of types of posts inspiring and hindering deep conversations online. AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research2019https://doi.org/10.5210/spir.v2019i0.11049

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